Monday, November 4, 2013


Sometimes as an artist you start a project and you don't know why. Sometime it's just to get it out of your system, so you can move onto a more worthwhile project, sometimes it's because you can't think of anything better to do. Willy and his worm was one such project for me. Everyday i commit myself to releasing an image of my characters interacting with the world. I usually theme them, and the theme might run for a week or two. Running out of time, i came up with the characters Willy and his Worm. I had drawn the characters long ago as a sketch and thought "hey why not update them and send them on an adventure?" so i did. But by doing so i quickly began to realised i had created one big sexual innuendo! I mean I knew the name 'Willy and his Worm' said it all, but as i started making the images each day i found all i was really doing was having one big artist wank!! the first image showed Willy and his Worm leaving my hand. Great, i thought my hand is involved in this too. Another showed Willy pulling his Worm and it just continued from there. Once I was self aware of this, i created the image of Willy and his Worm reading 'An Idiots Guide to Freud'. Anyway unless you're an artist like Paul McCarthy there is only so long you can wank in front of your audience. Here i present to you in full, the Willy and his Worm collection...

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