Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spring in Newtown

Spring is here. wicked. It was a luv-eeerly hot day so i cruzed down to the spot early. T'was a good turn out, Jess Rose and her gang where there, as was the delightful Konsumaterra. Even Nevil was there with his array of framed prints. And if you were one of the many who missed Ears and Syke, they were busking the booty at Earth Dance.

I focused on drawing buildings with tentacles this week. I imaged they would fight for turf and corporate positioning; Growling and spitting business men at each other. I was going to construct a huge city, but i soon returned to drawing my little characters. Two of my favorites are pictured above. After a whole day of drawing, the characters seem to just flow out. I no longer have to pay attention to the process.

Jess did some body art which looked awesome. Her fairy paintings are very popular and they'd make excellent tats.

2042: Art on the Street begins this week. launching this Thursday at Newtown Square at around 7. On Saturday there will be live art at the "I have a Dream" mural. Lots happening, for more info go to http://artonthestreet.org/artworks.html.

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