Sunday, September 21, 2008


T’was another beautiful Spring day, thanks to the swirling sea of people, those who anchored for a while, and those who I shared a day in eternity with.

The last two characters above i left on king street for someone to find. Hopefully they're now in happy homes and not the bin or gutter!

Other local artists, hipsters, and cats also put their art out on the street......

Lucca drawing the builings along King street.

Above is an artwork created and pasted up by Perran Costi for the 2042 street festival.

Artwork by Joe on display

Charcoal drawing by Saha Safia, Which means 'bringer of delicious Mangosteens'

Art work by the talent and off with the fairies Jess Rose

Morris the painter of eternal energy was creating new universes on Sunday.


scotatto said...

these little critters will one day take over the streets x

Dan Thompson said...

Keep up the great work Bunka! It's great to see your art is getting out there. Now, if only your 2d characters where an easy build in 3D! ;) But I guess that's what makes them so unique(Freestyle and not Engineered)

You seem quite "at home" in Newtown. Look forward to catching up if you ever come back to Adelaide ;)

Bunkwaa said...

Cheers Dan. My characters suffer from 2D syndrome, like Bart Simpsons' hair! Very tricky to do in 3D!