Monday, June 28, 2010

Busking crew

I think it had been been at least 8 months since i had last busked with my Bunkwaa characters on king street. They nagged and nagged me, soooooo i hit the streets again. I'd forgotten how much i like busking with my characters. Making art on king street is like working in an open air studio. It's great having people stop by and asking about my art practice.

I'd taken a force break from busking as i have a huge animation work load. Animation is a tedious yet rewarding experience and most the characters i make out on the street end up in my animations. If you'd like to keep up to date with details about the animation project follow this blog or find me on facebook

At the moment i'm running art and animation classes at Pine Street creative arts centre in chippendale. If you are interested in attending classes go to

(above) Bunkwaa. Photo by Konsumterra
(above) Box of Bunkwaa characters
Phoenix (above) photo above by konsumterra
check out phoenix's art at

Tammie jarrett (above)
Knosumterra (above)

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