Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bunkwaa Returns again

I returned to king street today, with my little army of cardboard characters. It was good to be back out in Newtown. Love it. Love the people. good times! It was simply a nice day.....some people stopped by and bought some characters or just stopped to talk. I'd forgotten how much i like making art out on the street. It's better than working in my studio. I get interesting feedback from the people i make art for.

I had the most amount of characters out today, than i've ever had. I spent a lot of the wet weather indoors going troppo and making characters. So i built up a collection of 50 or so. It was nice like hanging with my cardboard gang.

The fact that these little guys are out there in peoples homes or work places, is the weird driving factor behind my art. I've made well over 1000 now. I lost count awhile ago but i think the number is around 1400 now. thanks to everyone.



Dan Thompson said...

Ha Ha!

Nice one Bunkwa! I love these little guys. I have the one you gave me on my mantle piece at home. My son points to it and makes noises(he can't speak much yet)

Great to catch up with you the the other month. may you and your army continue to fight for truth and art!

aileen said...

I hope you're still there this month!

Anonymous said...

dude i seriously love your characters hahaha but yeah bro i think your my idol!

courts. said...

Bunkwaa with Cilla & Pepe at MCA for RAFW -