Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yep, that's right....While my friends were out partying the other night i stayed home and built a diorama! I filled it with my characters while busking in Newtown last Saturday. I think it worked. I'm going to keep modifying, maybe at some more lights and pop-up elements, then i will become the ├╝ber-nerd i've always dreamt of!

It was a great day to be in Newtown. lots of new artists hanging out in the space. A band played funky tunes in the afternoon, which filled the space with a wicked vibe. I'll have a video coming soon.

zooey's (probably not the coreect spelling of his name) paintings

Rob Greens awsome work. He's becoming quiet the popular artist.

George's fantastic cut-outs

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Dan Thompson said...

Sweet Dioramwaa Bunkwaa! Me likeswaa your Stylewaa! By the way. I saw your work at a Street Art Exhibition in Adelaide the other night! I would have bought a piece but had no cash at the time.

Nice One! I met a lot of people who know you too! Peace and Love.


p.s. here's my mail so we can chat off the blog. frankenegger at gmail dot com.