Sunday, October 26, 2008

Refreshing Bunkwaa

I trialled some Bunkwaa spray cans on Saturday. They seemed to get a good reaction. so I think they're here to stay. Having my artistic process on display has been one of the best things about busking in Newtown. Usually as an artist, you work on different facets of your art, away from the public gaze, usually in a studio somewhere. The public doesn't see the backup work that supports a finished art work. So i hope y'all appreciate it!

The process that is most familiar to me is a repetitive one: creation - reflection - creation - reflection and so on. I feel as long as i continue to busk the more rapid this process will become.

Thankyou to everyone who has stopped by to comment on my art, or to purchase a character. You are an integral and encouraging part of my art :)

(above) art by Scribbles

(above artworks by pseudo celebrities Emily Hasselhoff and Konsumterra

(above) Morris working on one of his cosmic paintings

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